Thursday, February 14, 2008

Android SDK Update Released by Google

Google released yesterday the updated Android Software Development Kit (SDK). The version is being called "m5-rc14" according to the Hello Android Blog.

For those of you unfamiliar with Android, here's an extract from Google:

"Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. This early look at the Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language."

So basically, a platform, Google branded, that allows you to develop mobile applications and services using Java.

The Hello Android Blog highlighted some of the new Android SDK features:

New user interface: As I mentioned when we introduced the m3 version of the Android SDK, we're continuing to refine the UI that's available for Android. m5-rc14 replaces the previous placeholder with a new UI, but as before, work on it is still in-progress.

Layout animations: Developers can now create layout animations for their applications using the capabilities introduced in the android.view.animation package. Check out the LayoutAnimation*.java files in the APIDemos sample code for examples of how this works.

Geo-coding: android.location.Geocoder enables developers to forward and reverse geo-code (i.e. translate an address into a coordinate and vice-versa), and also search for businesses.

New media codecs: The MediaPlayer class has added support for the OGG Vorbis, MIDI, XMF, iMelody, RTTL/RTX, and OTA audio file formats.

Updated Eclipse plug-in: A new version of ADT is available and provides improvements to the Android developer experience. In particular, check out the new Android Manifest editor.

I'm not a great Java programmer, but I must say that Android seems to be a great development platform in the mobile industry, so pull out your dusty Java books, and jump into it. You might even make something really cool, that will end up in a new cell phone :P


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yahoo! says No-HOO!

Well, it appears that $45 billion offer is not enough to buy Yahoo!, although Yahoo! has suffered eight consecutive quarters of profit decline. There is a lot of speculation over this company and the possibility of being swallowed by Microsoft in his attempt to regain some of the market that Google, it's online advertisement rival, has being gaining over the last years. It appears that Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo!, and the Yahoo! board will do whatever is possible to remain independent, even if that means to merge with a partner.

We will see what happens in the next months :P


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Google Apps Team Edition Released

I just found that Google Apps Team Edition was released. I haven't use Google Apps a lot, but they have some cool integration between their services. With Google Apps Team Edition you have the same services than before: document, spreadsheet, instant messaging and calendaring, but what this version gives you is an easier way to share the functionality between your organization. You can find a very nice Google Apps Team Edition video at TechChurch.



Friday, February 8, 2008

Yahoo Live Takes First Breath

Lately we have been hearing a lot about Yahoo! And one of the main reasons for Yahoo having so much attention lately is because one of the big elephants made a huge bid to buy it. By now you should be aware that Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo, and is not some little speculated offer at all!!! Microsoft offered $44.6 billion to acquire them. Although many of the Yahoo user groups like in Flicker, do a lot of noise, posts and comments to express their opinion against the transaction, that’s not an offer to refuse without studding it.

Anyways, related to this matter, today I realized that Yahoo launched Yahoo Live, with a set of services and even public APIs for a live streaming video platform. Although this is not the first live streaming video service (you have also services like Stickam,, ustream and blogtv), Yahoo Live has a lot of functionality that may catch your attention.

With Yahoo! Live, all you need to do is create a channel, authorize your webcam and start broadcasting to the public. Other people can drop by and watch, or choose to participate via video, sound or text chat. You can also set up your profile and track how many people have watched them stream live, how many broadcasts they have made, and how long total they’ve been on the air, which is a nice feature for following your channel web traffic and see how many viewers you have. It appears that the platform is not very stable for now, so we will have to wait a little for it to be as reliable as we would like. One annoying experience I had was going to Yahoo Live and check out some of the available broadcasts. I stopped at one that was broadcasting a DJ, but when I got tired of it and I closed the window, the sound of that broadcast remained for a long time (did close the window, but not the explorer). Maybe it is some bug with IE (I was using IE7) or maybe it is because the platform is not that stable right now, but I’m sure they will fix the bugs with some time and get to a stable point where we can take the most of it.

Well hope you check it out, it could be your last time to see Yahoo products (MicroHOO?).


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