Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SanDisk Sansa TakeTV + Fanfare Service Memorial

Lately I was going through many of the projects I have worked in the last couple of years. I already did a few posts about some of them (and of course, only the ones that went public and that I can talk about). I mentioned the massive Multi-Touch/Multi-User Schematic Touch Wall presented at the 2009 Cannes Advertisement Festival, and also the PlaySafe ActiveX control prototype that I developed for Sesame Street.

Now I wanted to mention a really cool project I worked on as the Platform Lead and .NET architect that unfortunately was shut down after a few months of being online. That's the TakeTv + Fanfare Content Service SanDisk multi-platform project.

The SanDisk Sansa TakeTV was a USB device that allowed users to download content to their PC, transfer the content to the USB device and then plug it into a dock that was connected to the TV. The device was made by SanDisk, and I worked on the implementation of the Fanfare Content Service, that was a Flex desktop application embedded into a .NET Windows application that connected to a .NET backend service and a content delivery network to retrieve and serve TV content to users.

It was a very cool and complex project, implementing a robust and secure .NET CMS (built in ASP.NET 3.5), a .NET Web Service layer (WCF) to serve the embedded Flex Application and several .NET back-end services that controlled, ingested and published the content online.
The project itself was interesting and innovating, although it wasn't as successful as expected and later it was shut down, it was a very cool prove of concept of SanDisk idea for making the integration between TV and the Web a little more seamless.

You can also check out a short description of the project in the Schematic web site.

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