Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sesame Street PlaySafe Control

Surfing the web, I visited the Sesame Street web site. A couple of years ago I worked with them on some prototypes for the new site. My job was to build an ActiveX control that could take over the user's browser in full screen mode to disable users from going out of the site. This control was the PlaySafe feature that is currently in place in the Sesame Street web site. The control gives parents the ability to fire up the Play Safe mode, so the kids can't get out of the site by the normal ways we know. The only way to get out is to hit a specific keyboard combination.

The PlaySafe control was probably enhanced afterwards and integrated with their new site, but it was fun to see that the control is currently in place, and I'm proud of saying I was the one who built it in the first place :)

Good memories from Sesame Street in fact, and good to see my control on their web site.


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