Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Regular Expressions Made Simple

I have always had a hard time with regular expressions. They are very powerful and handy, but each time I needed to use them I found myself struggling a bit to get the right expression for the problem I needed to solve.

Today I found a great article  from Mike Malone covering the basic stuff you should know about Regular Expressions. There's a lot more about them, but this article really cleared up the bare minimum you need to know to use them correctly.

So don't be lazy, go ahead and read it. It will be very helpful for any developer out there.


Hello Again

It has been some time since my last post and I'm making room on my spare time to get back to the blog. I really want to finish the Silverlight Drag&Drop series introducing some cool stuff for Windows Phone 7.

For the moment, I have been totally into Unity3D and Game Developing. For the past three months I have been learning and working with Unity3D technologies to create amazing and fun games for MysteryD, which is the company I'm working with right now. 

Leaving Schematic was a hard decision. I felt in love with the company when I started back in January 2007 and I must say it was an awesome experience and I had the chance to project myself at an international level, working with the most talent people in the industry and being part of incredible projects for clients like Microsoft, SanDisk, Target and internal projects like TwittZure and the Schematic Cannes Touch Wall. 

But at the end I wanted and needed to explore other paths, other technologies and other kind of solutions and Game Development has been a dream since I was twelve years old making role playing games for my friends. It seems now that it was the perfect timing. I started with MysteryD about three months ago and everything is working great. We are creating our portfolio and developing really nice interactive and game solutions that I hope I will be able to show soon.

In the mean time, stay tuned. I'll be starting to blog about Unity3D, game development and of course continue posting on Silverlight, WPF and the upcoming Windows Phone 7.