Sunday, September 5, 2010

What I have been doing?

It has been five months since I started to learn Game Development with the Unity3D engine at MysteryD. I had previously played a little with Microsoft’s XNA Framework to create Zune HD and XBox Live simple games and also experimented with translations to iPhone using the open source XNA Touch framework + Mono develop, but Unity3D is definitely a major step into the game development and interaction industry.
Now, creating a game is a huge deal. It does not only involve a lot of high end coding, including a lot of advanced math calculations and artificial intelligence behaviors, but also includes user experience, user interface, design, 3D modeling, music composition, sound effects, visual illusions, distribution, analytics and probably a hundred more things. All these factors make the experience a lot richer than just building an e-commerce site or a messaging desktop application.
However the amount of work and dedication has been keeping me a little away from my digital social life (facebook, twitter, blogger, etc) but I’m trying my best to keep the blog active and my social network sites a little alive. I’ll try to start posting Unity3D prototypes and demos here, or where I can, and also combine interactive application development (which has been the focus for this blog) and gaming development topics in the same source. I should maybe even start mixing my music and arts topics and news in this very same blog, at least I think it will make it more fun.
So, that being said, let me share a couple of interesting articles I found regarding web interactive development. Yes, you know what I’m talking about, Browsers + HTML5 + CSS3 and what are Silverlight and Flash saying about it.
First I found this interesting article from TechChurch talking about how the HTML5 standard can trigger a new browser war, where we could end up replicating the browser wars of the 90’s. Pretty much having one standard and several different implementations depending on the browser.
If you are a Silverlight developer or like to keep an eye on this technology, make sure to check out this article from Brad Becker, the Director of Product Management, Developer Platforms at Microsoft. The article is obviously a Microsoft’s point of view on their on product, but the article touches really good points and seems very objective in my opinion.
And last, just a tiny update from Engadget regarding the long waiting (at least for us, .NET developers) Windows Phone 7 mobile handset.
By the way, I’m more active now in the Unity3D communities (my username is “arbbot”), so if you want to get in touch there, or join the discussions check out these pages:  Unity3D Forums and Unity3D Answers

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