Tuesday, October 12, 2010

“Mystery Invaders” Unity3D Game


I wanted to share some big news around my latest work.

“Mystery Invaders” is a space invaders like game, but with a camera angle/perspective twist that makes it much more interesting and fun to play. It has a solid game play, high polished 3D models, a wide arrange of power ups and weapons to fight your enemies and really cool movement and particle effects. The game was produced by MysteryD which is the company I work for at the moment. You can also check MysteryD´s Facebook page.

This is my first official and public game where I performed as Game Designer along with a very talented and very good friend Adrian Poveda, who did all the Art Direction and most of the design work. I was also responsible for the Game Direction and I did 100% of the coding in combination with the levels design, particle effects, lighting and pretty much everything that is not a 3D model or a design asset.
The game was implemented using the Unity3D engine and coded 100% in C# using best practices and naming conventions that I applies from my interactive application development experience.

We are currently using DimeRocker as the social platform, which makes Facebook deployment very transparent, relieving us from the web integration and crazy constant Facebook API changes maintenance.
This is not my first game at all, I have been working with Unity3D engine for the past six months and we have some other games and demos under development, and prior to that I was already prototyping simple games with XNA, Silverlight, XNA Touch and iPhone. Nevertheless, this is the first official and public release that shows my work in the game development industry.

I invite you all to play the game and leave your feedback. The great thing about having the game on Facebook is that social feedback is a lot faster and more helpful, so go ahead and “stop the invasion” !!!


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