Thursday, February 10, 2011

Google Mail Label Filter

Today my mentor and colleague Murven taught me how to use label filters in Gmail, which is something I always wanted to do, but didn't know how. It turns out that is really easy to do.

To filter your inbox using filters, you just need to enter the text "label:" followed by the label you want to filter your inbox by in the search box above your inbox.

Let's say you have emails tagged as "Family" so you can enter the following: "label:Family" and Gmail will filter the emails displayed by the tag "Family". You can also combine tags for filtering, which is very helpful: "label:Family label:unread". You will also notice that Gmail doesn't real time tag checking, so if you enter a tag that you haven't created Gmail will tell you. Also, the label filters are deep linked, so you can actually work out with URLs. In the case I mentioned above, the last part of the URL in the address bar will look similar to this: "?AuthEventSource=SSO#search/label%3Aunread+label%3Ainbox". Nice huh?

Anyways, simple and easy tip but really helpful. I hope it helps you to keep your inbox more organized.


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