Monday, December 19, 2011

Fight the Blacklist ! What you can do

There is a fair amount of talk around the dangerous legislation (aka. SOPA) that is currently in the United States of America congress. The legislation would give the Department of Justice unprecedented power to “blacklist” websites without a trial and give Hollywood copyright holders a new way to shut down a website’s financial services for alleged copyright infrngement. Basically, is an Internet censorship legislation in the hands of the US, which as we all know, is terribly dangerous and potentially catastrophic for all digital professionals.

So, what can I do about it? I can spread the message and tell my friends and colleagues about it. What about you? Here are some ideas on how you can help out. Google, Aol, Facebook and others are already backing up the anti-SOPA movement. Remember, censorship is just another tool for big companies and powerful people to dictate what is allowed and what is not, and generally, that which is allowed is what pays enough ! We don;t want to pay for being able to be creative, innovative and continue the efforts to make technology available to everyone !

Cheers !

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