Thursday, December 15, 2011

Installing Surface 2.0 Development Tools

To get up to speed and start developing Surface 2.0 applications you need to get the SDK, runtime and development tools.
First, you need to have Visual Studio 2010 installed. You can get on your way with the express version, or any other higher license.
After that, you need to download and install the Surface 2.0 SDK on your machine. Once installed, you will need to reboot your machine.
surface_install_01    surface_install_02
After restarting, install the Surface 2.0 runtime. This will install the required assemblies that are normally available in actual Surface units, but that you will need to install for development on your normal machine. You don;t need to reboot after this step.
surface_install_03    surface_install_04
That’s it ! Go ahead and run visual studio. Choose to create a new project, select the Surface templates on the left tree-view, select Surface 2.0 and then the type of application that you desire.
Just for a quick test, add a text greeting and an image and run the project. This will confirm that everything is working and that you are ready to start building the next generation of multi-touch, multi-user Surface 2.0 applications !
   hellosurface_01       hellosurface_02
Happy Surface 2.0 development !

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  1. Doing a fresh installation of the Surface 2.0 development tools I noticed that Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 is a dependency. You need to download and install XNA Game Studio 4.0 before installing the Surface SDK.