Saturday, December 3, 2011

Installing Windows 8 Dev Preview using VMWare Workstation 8

I have been following Windows 8 news and buzz since its unveiling at the Microsoft Build conference back in September this year. I needed to get my hands on it and start developing apps, but work and family were in the way.

Recently I was able to finally install Windows 8 Developer preview in an old laptop and an Acer tablet to see how it feels and responds. I must say I really like the new touch interface, the cleanness and simplicity and all the new opportunities that will bring to .NET developers like myself.
Anyway, today I wanted to install the OS including the dev tools as a virtual machine on my Alienware M15x laptop (which by the way is now a conspiracy theory )and I run into some issues before I was able to make it work.

Once I manage to install the VMWare Workstation 8 and setup the Virtual Machine for my Windows 8 64-bit installation, I was getting the following error when powering on the VM:


There are several posts out there to help you perform the installation step by step. You can take a look here and here.

Basically, I needed to remove and setup the Windows 8 VM specifying that I was going to setup the OS later, to avoid the Product Key and unattended installation error.


Then, once the VM setup is completed, VMWare Workstation will try to power on the VM, but since there’s no OS installed it will fail. At that point you need to mount the ISO image to install Windows 8.

To mount the Windows 8 ISO image, click on the tab for your virtual machine in VMWare Workstation window and select:
Removable Devices / CD/DVD (IDE) / Settings


Once you configure the source ISO image, restart the VM and that should run the OS installer successfully.


After that is just a matter of personalizing your installation and done. You will have your virtual Windows 8 Development Preview 64bits with Development Tools ready to go !


My Windows Metro Style Ecosystem development workshop is ready !

Get on the MS Ecosystem and Happy Windows 8 Development !

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