Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Latest .NET Snacks

Lots of nice, sweet and delicious snacks from the .NET world recently.
Windows Phone 7 adoption and marketplace continues to grow, specially in Europe thanks to the release of the latest Nokia Windows Phone handset.
Windows 8 development is keeping many in the Windows ecosystem working hard after office hours building cool stuff with the new WinRT framework.
On other news, Microsoft just released Silverlight 5, the latest version of the technology that started as a browser plugin and a subset of WPF, but that has become almost a platform by itself, powering not only the browsers but also the mobile platform and rumours about Silverlight also powering the Xbox Live platform soon !
Regarding tools, there are several previews out there. Starting with Windows 8 Developer preview, you can get the corresponding Visual Studio 2011 and Blend developer previews. However, if you are still hesitating, there are a couple of really cool previews on Win 7 + .NET. Visual Studio 2011 Dev preview is also available for our stable win 7 platform and has a lot of new goodness for everybody. Along with that, check out the Team Foundation Service Preview, which brings you the power of TFS running on the Azure cloud.
All this is part of a huge effort from Microsoft’s part to align and integrate all the different services, platforms and technologies around the Windows ecosystem. Microsoft has tried many times and arguably failed, but for all people looking beyond the brand and stigma, this time it seems that Microsoft is doing the right moves at a steady pace from several different fronts. Consumer success story is what they are targeting in the most ambitious renovation of any of the big tech companies of our times.
This is the Windows Ecosystem and its BIG !
What are you waiting to get on-board?

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