Monday, December 5, 2011

XBox Live bigger inside the Windows Ecosystem

Along the same lines of my latests posts, today I found out that Microsoft is about to revamp the XBox Live platform to a point where the XBox 360 console will challenge Cable Boxes.

According to this article published by the New York Times, Microsoft will start working on the system to allow users to watch television through the console. On top of that, users will be able to enjoy an enhanced experience through the Kinect, powering users to perform search and browsing to gestures and speech commands.

Users will still need to cover the fees that Cable providers will for sure continue to impose on channels and films watched through the console and also cover the Microsoft Xbox Live membership which at the end might be even less that what you would pay for your cable box, but with the increasing prices of TV packages and the poor service that most of them give to consumers, I'll bet that it might be still a really competitive and satisfactory service.

Microsoft has already made great improvements to the XBox ecosystem including gaming, user libraries, computer interaction and Windows Media Center enhanced experience. It has come from a long road and although it had some bumps along the way, the console and the platform have been doing great in the past months.

Its a truly exciting time for the Windows platform, and honestly Microsoft seems to be putting together all the ecosystem pieces in a way that was not possible before. Although they might not be the first integrating and providing a functional and cohesive ecosystem, they seem to be willing to go beyond what the competitors (Amazon, Apple and Google) are doing on other fronts.

Its a challenge but most of all, a huge opportunity for the technology industry !


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