Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adam Nathan’s 101 WP7 Apps: Stop Watch

I have been following Adam Nathan’s marvellous Windows Phone books. The approach and the end to end lessons (from scratch to marketplace) are highly valuable and rare. I highly recommend them for anyone out there interested in learning real world, marketplace ready Windows Phone development techniques.
Although I follow different sources and I have been working with Silverlight since it was called WPF/E, I always find helpful to get back to basics. Adam’s samples are fun to follow, contain great development and real scenarios tips and they help you to practice with an objective and a goal, having the satisfaction of having a working app at the end of the chapter.

Here are some screenshots from the Stop Watch app (chapter 4):

StopWatch_05    StopWatch_01    StopWatch_02
Locking the screen orientation so it stays as selected even when rotating the device:

StopWatch_03    StopWatch_04

Adding Laps and playing with the custom progress bar:


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