Monday, January 16, 2012

From the Inside to the Outside

"The internal matches the external and the external matches the internal..."

This is a quote from Jack Dorsey (chief executive and co-founder of Square and also co-founder of Twitter) when interviewed by the New York Times for Bits

The phrase caught my attention because it seems to me that it is extremely relevant in the present digital era. Companies often try to sell an image and an identity on their products that most of the times doesn't actually match the company's internal identity. we all know it happens all around the world. They try to sell you an idea, an identity, a sensation that sometimes we know is just a lie. From music to food, from services to advertisement the world is full of this failed intentions of producing products that reflects company's positions.

This is why I believe that is really important for companies, specially for start-ups to focus on transparency and on delivering products and/or services that actually transmute into company's real internal culture. The Square example covered by The New York Times is inspiring, as some others like Facebook and Google, at least when they started.

It also comes to my mind past experiences where I worked for companies and start-ups that tried so hard to sell an idea that some times didn't reflect at all the internal situation, policies and culture. Transparency and clarity should come from the inside and translate and reflect to the external. I truly believe that companies succeeding on  this approach will be able to establish a solid and trust worthy relationship with customers and help the company to stablish as a valid choice for many.


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