Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sites around the world are protesting against the US SOPA and PIPA initiatives trying to censor the Internet...censorship is not cool at all, Internet if build by all and for all. Piracy exists and sometimes is awful to see  how some people make money out of the creativity of others, but let's face it, without Internet freedom and some level of piracy the Internet won't be what it is right now...

Here's a list of sites protesting today: has blacked out their logo in protest  entire site is blacked out  blacked out   "whited" out (some lulz here)   all text on the page is blacked out   "whited" out (also funny)   images of blog themes are blacked out   logo blacked out   blacked out  blacked out logo  changed to black theme  blacked-out strip blacked out blacked out blacked out animation educating people

You should check this article studying the different ways that the listed websites changed their sites to support the SOPA protest. It's a really cool overview of the techniques used and which ones are actually correct in terms of web usage and HTTP standard responses. Check it out 

I found this article explaining a bit more in detail the different legislation acts and how it can go further and affect us, users and domain registrars. Make sure to check it out !

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