Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OmniTouch converts everything into a touch interface

A few months ago I found about the OmniTouch Microsoft Research project and I forgot to share the information on the blog. I wanted to make sure you check it out. OmniTouch is a Microsoft Research project that uses the Kinect features and a laser-based pico projector. While the projections of the different interfaces are made on virtually any surface, the Kinect camera tracks and maps the surface, objects positions and hand and finger movements to accurately map what you are doing on the projected interface.

This is one of the interesting trends that will continue to evolve during 2012 and the following years. Microsoft Research has been very active and in the last couple of years many consumer products have been released from the labs. Surface, Kinect, Speech Recognition and many more have been incubated in Microsoft labs, and they have successfully made it to the consumer market.

There's plenty of information around. You can watch the official video from the Microsoft Research site and read the official paper. Here is also a general article from the Touch Research team from Microsoft Research Labs.


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