Thursday, January 19, 2012

R/GA London Make Day Video

I'm excited to share with you the R/GA Make Day Video which was finally released today to the public. If you recall my previous post on the subject, R/GA dedicated 48 hours of company time for people in the company to invest their time making things. The output was incredibly productive and creativeness on all areas where flying all around. I was lucky enough to make it to the final cut and I appear discussing the R/GA Locator prototype including the applications that we implemented including Windows 8, Windows Phone and Silverlight all powered by a MS SQL 2008 database and a small backend exposing a RESTful service build with WCF.

I truly believe companies should follow the trend and start doing these kind of events more often. Although at first people might seem reluctant, once they get into it they will get inspired and quite competitive !

Anyway, without further presentations, here is the R/GA London Make Day Official Video

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  1. Just noticed that the still from the video is me smiling ! The new face of R/GA ! lol