Friday, May 11, 2012

Hong Kong Jockey Club Interactive Betting Table



I’m glad to share the news that the Hong Kong Jockey Club project I worked on for Possible Worldwide, before coming to live in the UK, was published and featured today in their site.

This was an incredible complex, high-end secret project which I was part of during several months. I was the tech lead in charge of the project’s backend platform and the front-end integration, including the discovery, architecture and implementation of the backend system powering the interactive front-end touch application running on the tables.



The interactive tables are probably one of the most advanced interactive multi-touch technology available to consumers. Adrenaline is the name of the installation at the HKJC, and it consists of several 10 x 4 foot multi-user tables allow up to 8 simultaneous users to follow entire race days and interactively bet on each race getting the most of the available information, updated by the backend platform, and place bets using personal RFID-enabled smart cards offering real-time transactions. This is real time high traffic entertainment e-commerce!

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The backend platform provides dynamic content including video, images, stats and race results, updated every 8 seconds. It also allows the remote configuration of each individual table changing interface skin and light scheme based on promotional and seasonal events. Detailed metrics are sent back to the backend system where they are processed to provide accurate and detailed information about each table usage and transactions processed.

I’m proud of the work we achieved and to see such an advanced multi-touch, multi-user application/installation go live publicly. The latest news is that it has been such a success that the Club is now working to have the multi-touch tables installed at tracks around the world, including in Singapore, Australia and Japan. Looks like the sport of kings is about to be adored by a whole new generation of enthusiasts.

Honestly, multi-touch and natural user interface powered systems are one of the most interesting technologies to work on, and trust me, with the evolution of the .NET Framework and the upcoming of the WinRT technologies, the next generation of interactive applications will be mind blowing !

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