Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 Review (with pictures!)

There has been a fair amount of published reviews about the Nokia Lumia 800 mobile phone. I have had the opportunity to play with it and use it as a personal and also as a development phone. Both experiences have been really good and the device has performed quite well under development environments, gaming, web apps, native apps, work, emails, calendar, etc.

I must say that people tend to mix the features and functionality of the OS (Windows Phone) with the hardware capabilities, which I believe incorrect. The Nokia Lumia 800 is good quality, a high end performance device that fits perfectly for the Windows Phone OS experience. It also feels comfortable both in portrait and landscape mode.

There are a couple of drawbacks though:

  • The first is that it doesn’t has a light to tell you the battery state and when is connected and charging. Although you can light the screen and check the status is just annoying not having the external light.
  • Battery drains quite fast. Even with the latest's updates that were supposed to improve battery performance and power management, the battery won’t last more than a day under normal usage.

Apart from that, I believe is a great device. A true competitor for the iPhone and the high end Android phones in the market.

Without much more to say that hasn’t already being said, here are some pictures of the Lumia. Hope you enjoy them and make the plunge to try it out.

IMG_3893Nokia Lumia 800 – Blue and Black models

IMG_3895Nokia Lumia 800 – Blue and Black models

IMG_3896Nokia Lumia 800 – Blue model

IMG_3897Nokia Lumia 800 – Black model

IMG_3887Nokia Lumia 800 next to the HTC Mozart

IMG_3888HTC Mozart, Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung? (I believe), HTC HD7

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