Friday, May 11, 2012

The Windows Store



The Windows 8 Marketplace tries to port the successful mobile phone application marketplace concept to the desktop. Apple does this successfully with apps for iPhone and iPad and Google does it with the Android marketplace. However, until now there hasn’t been a successful model to advertise and sell desktop software.

With Windows 8 this will be the way you will sell your Windows applications to the consumers. You will be able to sell .NET 32-bit applications and also the Metro style applications, which will be the A class residents of this marketplace.

Why does it matter? Well, no matter what you hear, the biggest operating system installation base across the world is Windows. People might go crazy for the sexy iPhone or the iPad, even for Android tablets, but the reality is that there are about 500 million installations and around 1 billion Windows users, and exposure to 231 markets, you can’t deny you are facing a potential big revenue if you get on-board.

Here’s an overview of the Windows Store, and here is a list of articles related to the store for developers that you might find useful.

Now the Windows Store is not available yet for public application submission, however, Microsoft is allowing committed developers to get on-board early so you can have your app in the Store before the Windows 8 launch.

If you want to get your app into the Windows Store now, check out this article from Matt Harrington from Microsoft. I know that Microsoft is pushing the Application Accelerator program in several countries to help developers ramp up fast into the new platform. If you are based in the UK, you might want to get in touch with the UK MSDN team. I know that Mike Taulty will be able to help you out. The team’s contact details and upcoming events can be found here.

Hope it helps, and that you get your Windows app in the Marketplace soon !

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