Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Windows 8 is also for Web Devs!

Oh, did I forgot to mention it?

You all Web Gurus out there…yeah you all, you are automatically Windows 8 native app developers….did you knew that?

Well yeah, is true. In the upcoming months when somebody says: “hey we need an app that can run on a tablet and be really fast and responsive, and not only accept one or two touches, but at least five so we can play with gestures”…and later on they say “hey but we need the same experience to be portable to desktops and phones, and just do a little tweaking on the UI but reuse all the code behind”…and then somebody adds: “hey but we need to make sure the app runs on a huge multi-touch wall and allow multiple users to use it at the same time”…and even if that is not enough, another guy comes in and says “well I want to see some 3D goodness in it too” and you know a web app is not the right solution because of browser, performance, touch responsiveness or something like that, well it turns out that you, the web dev, can stand up and say “hey I can do that, I can do it using the stuff I know, HTML/CSS/JS, no problem” !

So, get started ! The more, the merrier !

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