Sunday, August 5, 2012

Solving Lumia 800 MMS Issues


Recently I was having issues to download MMS content on my Lumia 800. For some reason, whenever I received a text message containing media content I got the message just saying “Get Media Content”. However, every time I clicked on the link, it came back again after a couple of seconds without actually downloading the content.

After spending some time looking around on the Internet, I realized that this was a common issue people were having with their Windows Phone Lumia phones. Unfortunately it seems that the causes vary, so this solution might not work for you. I even found messages in O2 forums saying that you might need to change your SIM card !

The way I solved the issue was to simply download the Nokia Network Setup application. Once you download just let it find your network and set it up for you (should be automatic). That’s it. After that, I was able to receive and send MMS messages without issues.


One thing to notice, is that if you try to download the app from the web, it might be that you won’t be able to find the app on the Windows Marketplace. However, if you hit the link from your phone, you should be able to find it and download it without issues.

Hope it helps you and saves you time !

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  1. Thank you!! ive been trying to solve this issue for a while now and this worked so easily :)