Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Quick Catch-up

While I pack for attending BUILD next week, I though about doing a little catch up with Industry News, Blog Articles and tech goodness.

A couple of weeks ago I had a tough week launching a retail event in New York, one of the biggest and most challenging in my career actually ! After that, it was a hard week at work preparing global rollouts of the solution and making sure the app is rock solid and at industrial level (I hope I’ll be able to publish more on the topic soon).

Anyways, here’s a list of catch up that is worth if you have a little time now and want a summary of the latest tech industry sayings.

The C# Programming Guide at MSDN
Casting is a Polymorphism Fail, by Erik Dietrich
Great discussion about Casting in StackOverflow
A Practical Introduction to Base Encoding, by Jonathan Cutrell
Article about TDD on Plural Sight Blog
Interesting PC World article by Mark Sullivan about Touchscreen Technologies
Anatomy of a Solid-State Drive, by Michael Cornwell
Arstechnica review of the current hero 7-inch tablets on the market
The Truth about NuGet
What is Apple’s Fusion Drive?
A few words for Hackathons
Fun Kinect + SQL Experiment
Online Coding Tools Top20 by
Good article about Senior Engineers on Kitchen Soap’s blog
Kate Matsudaira Blog about Leadership and similar topics in Tech
Neural Network Back-Propagation for Programmers, by James McCaffrey (One of my University graduation projects was a Neural Network!)
Automated testing and research software
.NET Scaling article by Demis Bellot
About ClearType and how fonts work on screens
About SSH and Passwordless logins for Developers
Test of Time: Design Patterns Now
Demystifying Garbage Collectors at Zor’s Blog
A Bandwidth Breakthrough

A bit about TypeScript

A Real TypeScript adoption story

Windows 8

“Windows 8 runs existing and new applications while Windows RT only runs new applications.”

WinRT is the platform for “modern” windows applications, and Surface RT runs Windows RT version, which is based on WinRT. In other words, WinRT the operating system, can only run WinRT applications, but WinRT applications can also run on Windows 8.

Windows 8 Blog’s recent Posts
Features in Office 2013
Arstechnica in-depth look at WinRT
Arstechnica hands-on Windows 8 OS
Getting websites ready for IE10 and Windows Phone 8
Microtropolis Art Installation in NYC
Casey Muratori detailed view about Gaming in the context of Windows 8
What you need to know when designing a Windows 8 App


Surface Website
Surface Facebook
Surface Twitter
Microsoft News
In-Depth Review of the Surface RT by AdandTech
Using the Surface RT, by TechCrunch 
Look Inside History by The Verge

Windows Phone

Stay Tuned for October 29th big announcements!
Memory Profiling
Latest Windows Phone Hero devices

I’ll be at Microsoft’s BUILD 2012 next week. Hopefully getting first hand information, news, tips, and hands-on experiences. Stay tuned!

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