Friday, December 28, 2012

Never Stop Travelling

Travelling is one of my fondest and most appreciated hobbies. I started a bit old since it wasn’t until my 19th birthday that I was able to go on a trip to another country without my parents or family. Since then, I have always loved travelling, to visit new countries, experience new cultures, and at the end of the day, hear people telling their lives.

Now travelling is tricky. It is expensive and some times dangerous. It can be exhausting and can make you sick. However, it can give you so much, that it is absolutely worth it. The memories from travelling around the world is one of the things I hope I can remember until the day I die.

Travel is just another of my many hobbies, along with miniature painting, bass playing, writing, painting, cooking, playing with nunchakus and a few other that I haven’t discovered yet.

I wanted to share some nice pictures from my travels, and at the same time keep a light journal of the places I have travel every year. Hopefully it will inspire you to go travelling yourself or maybe share some stories, and at the same time, it will help me keep a handy and easy to access journal of my travels.

So, if you are curious, and want to share some travelling with me (and take a break from coding in the meantime), check out my hobbies corner and see where I have been on the last couple of years.

My 2011 Travel List
My 2012 Travel List

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