Friday, December 28, 2012

Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death

Well, it has happened in the past, for “digital eons”, and unfortunately, it will continue to happen. Today I got my first Blue Screen of Death on my recently Windows 8 migrated PC. Take a look at the new face of one of the most hated famous error messages.


Truth to be said, the message looks way nicer, and more helpful than the previous attempts in older versions of Windows. I got it while writing a post for my casual hobbies blog where I was working with lots of images. I started to see a few hiccups while searching and importing images from different sources and then I got it.

The message will appear while Windows attempts to gather “useful error information”. You can see the process progress while reading some information. At this point, you wonder if the machine will send the information without further information. It doesn’t. Windows will restart the machine, and once you log back in, then you will see a popup Windows 8 style message asking you if you want to send the information to Microsoft about the error. After you chose what it should do, you can run the apps you had running before, and with a little luck, you should be able to recover all your work.

It is a shame that such errors can still happen. I’m aware of the massive effort from the Windows division to get Windows 8 out of the door. The OS is a really good attempt to provide a touch-first platform that allows developers, designers, but most of all, users, to have a compelling content-first, touch enabled multi-screen experience.

However, the OS is not there yet. Microsoft products will continue to walk their convergence road and align into a unique cross-device Windows ecosystem. There are lots of things to fix, improve and build, and Windows 8 has a lot to demonstrate in the upcoming months and years. Let’s see how it goes !

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