Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where is the Battery Indicator in Windows RT and Windows 8?

I have read quite a few posts talking about the experience with a Surface RT tablet. In general, the reception has been quite good, and people have said to be quite happy with the whole “play + work” concept.

One thing that I remember reading was about people not finding a quick access to the battery indicator on a Surface RT tablet. Well, it turns out that is right there, easy access and available at all times. This applies for any Windows RT and Windows 8 machine.

To see how much battery left you have, you just need to bring up the charms bar. On a touch-enabled device, you achieve this just by swiping your finger from right border into the screen. Alternatively, and on any non-touch screen, you can just press the “Windows” and “C” keys at the same time, or move your mouse pointer to the upper or lower corner of your screen, and then mouse over the charms bar to activate it.

Screenshot (20)


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  1. it doesn't give you a percentage remaining, just a vague idea based on how "full" the battery icon is. Not very useful if you are trying to work out how many hours you have before you need a socket.