Saturday, January 12, 2013

Windows Screenshots: The New Way

Just wanted to share a quick tip for taking screenshots in the new generation of Windows 8 devices.


As many of you already know, you can now take screenshots in Windows Phone 8 devices. Just press and hold the “power” button and then tap on the “Windows” button on the front of the device. The screen will flicker quickly and you will hear the sound of the screenshot being taken. Screenshots will be saved in a photo album called screenshots in you phone.


Now, you can also use hardware buttons to take screenshots in your Windows RT devices, like the Surface tablet. Just press and hold the “Windows” button in the front of the device, and then, press the “Volume Down” button (which is generally on the side of the device). As in the Windows Phone 8 devices, the screenshots will be stored in your Pictures library, in a folder named “screenshots”.

Screenshot (19)

Even better, taking screenshots on a Windows 8 machine got also a lot easier. Now you can just press and hold the “Windows” key, and then press the “Print Screen” key. You will see the screen flicker quickly indicating that the screenshot  was taken, and as in other devices, it will store the screenshots in the “screenshots” folder, in your Pictures library.

Clearly, when taking about user experience, small details make a difference. Hope it helps!

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