Saturday, January 12, 2013

WinRT Tip: The Power User Menu

I want to share an amazing Windows Power User tip that will help anyone doing advance stuff on a WinRT machine. This includes Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT.

The tip was shared on Twitter by James Senior (you can also check his blog here), and although I avoid duplicating information on my blog, the tip is far to useful to leave it in Twitter.

So, on your WinRT machine, press the “Windows” key plus the “X” key. You will get a flat menu on the lower left corner with links to all the useful menus and settings on your computer.


You can get instant access to most Windows admin tools and admin functionality from here. I tested it on my Surface RT tablet, and it also works like a charm. So, remember, “Windows + X” and get on with it!

Thanks James for an amazingly useful tip. I just had to write this down on my blog for sharing and future reference!

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