Saturday, February 9, 2013

Portfolio Project: Ray-Ban Ambermatic


Thanks to the new Ray-Ban Ambermatic App, Ray-Ban users and fans can take an analogue shot through a real pair of Ray-Ban Ambermatic shades.

The campaign and installation is focused on raising awareness among people about the re-launch of the Ray-Ban Ambermatic aviators, sunglasses that shift in color depending on weather.


We created an iPhone mobile app that gives them a chance to virtually see the world through the Ambermatic lens.


The app lets users snap a picture with their phone, then instantly sends it to the Ambermatic installation in the Ray-Ban flagship store in Covent Garden, London, where the photo is projected and re-taken through a pair of the iconic sunglasses, analog-style.



And just like the weather, the yellow hue changes with each image, allowing users to experience the world through the Ambermatic shades.


Users get their retro-style image back on their mobile app, and the best photos get to be showcased in the Ambermatic Online Gallery.


I worked with the Stockholm and London teams to create the experience. I was responsible for architecting, implementing and maintaining the Ambermatic Installation, which processes and re-captures all submitted images. The installation controls the camera, the image processing and the timing, ensuring that each image is captured and resubmitted correctly, using online services to connect the mobile app, the online experience and gallery and the camera installation itself. Effectively, this is kind of a high resolution, real time analog Instagram-like system!

Make sure to check the Ambermatic Experience and see the world through the retro-style aviator lenses.

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