Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Back to Writing!

Hey there,

If you have been wondering why the blog has been so quiet and no posts where published in March, here’s a quick post to vindicate the subject.


On the tech side of things, I have been working on quite an exciting project for the Windows Phone 8 platform since the beginning of the year and focusing heavily on the WP8 mobile platform. Also, I have been working on the R/GA’s Retail Lab launch and new business opportunities within the company, involving all aspects of the digital spectrum. Additionally, for the last three months I have put in practice a new work methodology with my team, setting an exciting and extremely productive new way of creating digital experiences, which I’ll be writing about soon, this month.


I have also been quite busy on other aspects of my life. I have joined a music band here in London called The Junkle, playing the electric bass. I actually had my first gig a couple of weeks ago at The Rattlesnake pub in Angel. I needed to concentrate on learning the set and practice with the guys, so I could not spare much of my personal time for other affairs.


And finally, I went on holidays with my wife to do snowboard for the very first time in my life, which was an amazing experience. I’m hooked now. I truly love surfing the snow, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep going every season from now on.

So there you go, a little about what I have been up to during the last few weeks. I’m now full of energy, keeping arts and tech together and with a lot of new articles in the pipeline.

Stay tuned since this month I’ll be focusing on Windows Phone 8 and Team Productivity posts.

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