Saturday, April 27, 2013

Case Study: Nokia Sense Installations

I recently posted a case study of the Nokia Sense platform. A project I lead and worked for over a year at R/GA. The project‘s outcome was a personalized retail experience that educated, inspired and will help sell Nokia mobile solutions across their stores, at a global scale. The objective was to focus on the customer’s tendency of shopping by device and then build a solution from it.

As a complement to the case study article, I also want to share some photos of the actual physical installations of the experience, which were displayed at several conferences and temporary locations across the world.

The following are some pictures from the Arch Installation, displayed mostly at Nokia World conferences and temporary displays in key locations in Europe.



DSCF2412    DSCF2413

A smaller version for smaller displays was also done for some other events.

P1030468    P1030470


The Nokia Sense touch application was also displayed at key locations like Westfield in Stratford, here in the UK.



The physical space is an important aspect of digital experiences. Just as devices and hardware can make a software experience more engaging, fun and confortable, the physical space can transform a digital experience if it is integrated properly.

This is one example of this type of integrations, which are becoming more and more relevant in the current digital landscape.

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