Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to Automate Builds with TeamCity (Part 4)

Please notice that this is a multi-part, step-by-step guide, on how to automate builds in TeamCity CI Server. You can find the parent article here, which has links to all the related posts.

Part 4:  Configuring the Build Triggers in TeamCity

We are almost done. So far we have our web project created with out source control solution in place. We have created our build project in TeamCity and added a build step so TeamCity can build our solution from source control. What we are missing is the trigger to tell TeamCity when to execute the build.


  1. Click on Build Triggering configuration step listed on the right. This will allow you to configure what is the trigger to run the Build.
  2. Then click on the “Add new trigger” button. This will display a pop up window asking you to select a trigger type from the list.

  3. Select VCS trigger since we want the build to be triggered when there are changes to the repo. You can leave everything else with the default values, but notice the trigger rules field. Here you can add rules to exclude projects or other artefacts from the Build process.

  4. Click “Save”. You should get a notification with the build triggers updated.

Ok so far, we have been able to create a new project in TeamCity and create a Build configuration. We were able to configure the version control settings, the build step and the build trigger. We will not touch the dependencies step for now, since that is usually a more advance need.

What is left, is to configure the build parameters so we can test the whole thing!


Part 5: Configuring the Build Parameters in TeamCity

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