Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Backup TeamCity CI Server

Following a few posts I have published about setting up TeamCity CI Server, a short introduction about CI and Continuous Integration thoughts, I wanted to share with you another of the series, showing you how simple is to backup your TeamCity CI server.

Here are the steps you need to perform in order to backup your TeamCity CI Server:

1- Login into your TeamCity server’s Admin panel. Once logged in, click on the Administration link on the top right corner, next to the search box.


    2- On the Administration panel, you will see the list of projects on the left, and a series of administration links on the right. Click on the Backup Data link.


    3- This will take you to the backup page. Enter a name for the backup file and take note of the full path where TeamCity will store the file. This is were the backup will be saved, and where you can retrieve it.


    4- Next select the backup scope. You can select from: Basic, All except Build Artifacts or Custom, where you can actually select what do you want to backup.


    5- When you have the settings you want selected, click on the “Start Backup” button. This will initiate the backup process. The page will display the status and progress of the backup. In general, the backup process should be quick. When the backup is finished, it will display the stats for the process.


    8- Additionally, on the top you can switch to the history tab, and see a history of the backups you have generated in the past.

Simple and straight forward, as most of the things you will do on TeamCity CI Server. Hope this helps, and keeps your configuration, settings and project builds secure and portable.

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