Monday, April 29, 2013

Nokia Lumia WP8 Firmware Update

Earlier this month Nokia released a new update for their Windows Phone 8 Lumia range, which includes 920, 820 and 620 (I assume that the recently released 720 and 520 devices already come with the updated firmware).

wp_ss_20130428_0001  wp_ss_20130428_0002  wp_ss_20130428_0003

For the 920 and 820 devices, improvement relate to screen and overall system stability. However, the most benefits come for the 620 device, including better touch response and more stable multi-touch actions, improvement to Bluetooth connectivity, enhanced camera performance and improvements to overall stability, performance and usability.

wp_ss_20130428_0004  wp_ss_20130428_0005  wp_ss_20130428_0006

If you haven’t noticed yet, it turns out that there is a storage performance problem with the system where the OS is keeping some kind of reference to files uploaded or used by other apps. This shows as an obscure “Other” category. There is no way to actually see what this storage space contains, or how to clean it up. Suggestions include turning off SkyDrive photo auto-upload feature.

Screenshot (24)

wp_ss_20130428_0008  wp_ss_20130428_0012  wp_ss_20130428_0011 

One neat feature is a new settings application to check the phone storage. This becomes a handy feature specially for lower end devices where storage is scarce. The Storage Check feature published by Nokia allows you to clean the phone’s temporary files, which might help you free some storage space. It is also a good visual representation of how you are consuming your device storage.

wp_ss_20130428_0009    wp_ss_20130428_0010

Try it out for yourself. I was able to save some space myself cleaning out temporary files, and the feature helped me visualize where I could free more space in the other categories. You might need to work a bit on your SkyDrive image uploads folder to go further, at least until Microsoft and Nokia solve the issue properly (which might be actually solved for good in the upcoming Windows Blue update).

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