Saturday, April 27, 2013

Talking About Windows Blue


Windows Blue is the next feature pack update coming for the Windows Platform, which should trigger the start of the new wave of Windows products.

There are many rumours, talk and confusion about what Blue actually is and represents for the platform, although is still hard to grasp the whole picture. Officials have been quite scarce about what to expect. Mary Jo Foley and friends have been blogging about the subject, and expectations are high.

Microsoft will be hosting its BUILD 2013 conference earlier this year, at the end of June in San Francisco. Additionally, the company will soon revealing plans for the future of the Xbox platform. Additionally, both the Windows Phone and the Windows RT platforms have been getting minor updates, covering not only OS features but also updated services.

I’m fairly confident that we can expect a growth in tablet form factors, from smaller 7-inch and bigger. Even if Microsoft itself is not close to release a smaller surface product, it doesn’t mean that its partners could go ahead with it.


In my view, Microsoft is pushing its offerings to converge across the different platforms, including desktop, phone, tablet, television, cloud, console and services. It makes sense to keep rolling out updates towards making the platforms converge. If the company is able to offer a build-once, deploy-many approach, it might be able to steer companies, developers and consumers from going with competitors.

If all platforms are able to run the same WinRT core, even if certain aspects remain platform specific, it will make functional integration and product ecosystems easier to implement, deploy and maintain in a cross-device digital environment, which seems to be the company’s goal.

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