Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WP8 Tip: How to Hide the System Tray

I've seen people struggling to figure out how to hide the Windows Phone system tray bar, which is the top bar displayed at the top of the screen. This bar presents the system status icons like signal strength, network, battery, time and so on.


Whenever you create a new project in Visual Studio, choosing from one of the existing Windows Phone templates, the system tray will be enabled and visible by default.

Hiding it is really simple. Just open the page’s XAML file (normally MainPage.xaml)and go to the top. In the page declaration you will find the following XAML line:


Just change the “true” value to “false”. This will hide the system tray. Now you can work with the full screen in your app.


Hope it helps and saves you time!

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