Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xbox One Revealed


Today, Microsoft revealed the successor of the Xbox 360, the Xbox One. On a well coordinated and nicely phased presentation, the company revealed their vision for the future of consoles. It turns out, that Xbox One is an all-in-one entertainment system, aiming to unity TV and Movies, Gaming, Music, Internet, Exercise, you name it. It integrates the latest sensor technologies for a completely new version of the Kinect, a powerful computing power which also integrates cloud computing, promising to get only more powerful with time, an architecture focused on ecosystem integration, from home devices and second and third screen experiences, to Internet and social, cloud and beyond.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Instant Power On
  • Fast Switching between Games, Movies, TV, Music, Web, Apps
  • Personalized TV with Smart TV Features
  • Skype is integrated
  • Multi-tasking with Snap View
  • New Kinect (Real Vision, Real Motion, Real Voice)
  • Brand New Controller improving the 360 version
  • SmartGlass Enhanced (Phone and Tablet Second Screen)
  • Redefined Xbox Live (Gold Membership Compatible)
  • Living Games Technology (leverages Cloud computing power)
  • Game Progress Sync
  • Smart Match to find the perfect gaming match around the world
  • Forza Motorsports 5 Sneak Peak and Exclusive
  • Quantum Break Exclusive
  • Impressive Performance and Graphics
  • NFL on Xbox (Interactive Experience and Exclusive Partnership)
  • Call of Duty Ghosts Exclusive Downloads
  • Web / Browser Integrated
  • Halo Action TV Series with Exclusives for Xbox


Cutting-edge Powerful Specs:

  • 8 Corer (x86 processors)
  • HDMI Pass-Thru
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 500 GB Hard Drive
  • Blue-ray Player
  • ESRAM/CPU/GPU Access for Top Performance
  • Power Consumption Efficiency

The Tenants:

  • Simple
  • Instant
  • Complete


Truly, the Xbox One is by far the most compelling entertainment and gaming console the industry has seen so far. No matter how loud Microsoft haters bark, this is a lot more powerful, integrated and engaging than any existing Smart TV technology, gaming console or entertainment system. Google TV and Apple TV have now a really strong, all-in-one competitor, which is in fact quite good, since it will push the home entertainment technologies far higher.


However, beating what the Xbox One is going to be hard. The machine specs are really powerful, and the cloud computing leverage just increases the potential. The Kinect sensor has already proven its capabilities, and by completely integrating it within the system and pushing the boundaries, Microsoft has achieved an impressive accuracy in terms of voice, gestures and facial recognition.

The console also integrates the WinRT kernel, and the application world, enhancing and empowering the Xbox Live community. I can only see benefits for Indi developers, and more opportunities for game and application developers along the road.


Smart Glass, higher connectivity specs and capabilities, Internet enabled at its core, deliver a true cross-device, cross-platform integrated home entertainment ecosystem, which no other company has been able to deliver, even if they have been in stronger positions.

Some people will complain about not being able to run their existing Xbox 360 games on the new platform, which I’m actually happy it is the case. Backward compatibility with existing games would have crippled the console. All in all, I believe this system to be a true integrated entertainment solution that people will really enjoy. It is aligned to the latest Windows technologies, and it will help to bring the ecosystem closer together.

You can find more on the Xbox One site.

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