Saturday, July 6, 2013

Xbox Music Pass Available on the Web


Just received an exciting notification from my Xbox Music service communicating that the Xbox Music Pass is now on the web, allowing you to stream millions of songs through your browser, from any device. Best of all? No annoying ads!


The web streaming service completes the overall cross-device offering. Now you can stream and sync up your music on your Xbox, Tablets, PCs, mobiles and the web, making it one of the most compelling music services in the market. Don’t believe me? Try it for your self. You can get a 30 days trial. I use several other services including Spotify, and although the social features are quite good, I often struggle to find some of my favourite music, specially if it comes from non-English markets.


You can explore albums, artists, and songs. You can easily browse and jump to specific names and the search works as expected. You have access to all your playlists, and you can create and modify them on the fly. Which means that you can setup your playlists before getting home, in preparation for your dinner party.


Interesting enough, at home, we are heavily using our Xbox  as an entertainment and music system. It allows us to stream all the music we like, with big screen visualizations and a decent sound system. Sure, it is a subscription service, but so far, it is one of the best-value subscriptions I have.


Let me know your thoughts about it. And please share your experience with other services to have as a reference.

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