Saturday, January 31, 2015

“The Internet of Things” – Published on Event Magazine

This is a short post to celebrate that one of my recent articles got published on Event Magazine!

The magazine has a digital and a print portfolio, including several different subscriptions. One of their top printed magazines is called “The Agenda”, which highlights the winners of its influence index and analyses the trends for the years ahead. I got my article published on page 61 of “The Agenda 2015” volume.

I would like to share a bit of background on the article subject, please bear with me!

Recently, I have been researching, discussing and promoting the concept of “Connected Spaces”, focusing on a different angle of the “Internet of Things”. As opposed to concentrate on the fact and goal of getting devices connected to the Internet, I like to think that device connectivity is just the medium of achieving something way more interesting: getting spaces and environments connected. The premise is simple, if spaces are truly connected, they can work harder for us, react and adapt appropriately according to the level of information that we willingly share with it, and give us a much more relevant, personal and useful experience, what we call a “contextual experience”.

See, I would like brands and companies to make environments work harder and better, and stop pushing us to look at the tiny mobile screen all the time. If the environment can reach through the connectivity and data flow  of our devices, then we avoid having to use our device’s as the sole window of information, the only way to interact with brands. It is an inverse data flow point of view.

To put it simply, I’d like the space to deliver what I need when I need it, without having to look at my mobile to get it. 

I’ll be exploring, writing and hopefully publishing a lot more on the subject this year. The article that Event Magazine kindly published for me, is the start of the topic, ahead of the big trend of connected devices and “The Internet of Things”. This is why the article itself is titled exactly like that.

Although the magazine is printed, I’m sharing a digital version of the article if you would like to read it. Of course, if you are really interested on the subject, I’d recommend that you get a subscription to Event Magazine.

If you want to read the digital version of the article, you can do so here.