I like photos, and who doesn't, right? Well, as I said, I like photos. I like to take photos too. And from time to time, travelling around the world for work or pleasure, I might get a few shots that might not be so bad. Facebook is a good place to post your photos to your close friends and family, but not for sharing them with the online world. So, assuming you are going to respect and promote my credits if you like a photo,  here are some of those shots I would like to show.

Note: I'm trying to learn enough Photoshop to make them look better, but for the moment, rest assure that photos are just a product of the hardware, the light, the landscape and maybe a little bit of me. If you want to see more uploaded photos from my travels, check out my casual corner.

Stonehenge in the afternoon
UK - October, 2011

Windsor Castle Gardens
UK - October, 2011

Notre-Dame de Paris
France - November, 2011